We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Intraprise. As a new combined organization, we have the opportunity to transform the current Level1Analytics product to the most capable and scalable valuation platform available on the market.


by L1A team

The Level1 Advantage

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Level1Analytics promises more benefits than just effective and efficient in-house valuation and modeling software and services.

Fastest turnaround time 

The investment in cloud enabling the L1A Model provides the absolute fastest turnaround time in the industry, with some of our largest clients valuing millions of loans every single day. On average, we turnaround valuation projects in less than 2 days.

Client specific portal

Our software promises our clients a private and secure place to upload and store all data, as well as download and store results.

Varied Service Offerings

The beauty of working with Level1Analytics is that you can create the relationship that works best for your organization, with services and support that are tailored to your institution’s specific needs. We have clients who license our model and perform their own valuation, and we have clients who ask us to run their quarterly projects while they run monthly and daily reporting on their own - both options work well to serve the institutions’ unique needs.

Real time reporting & transparency

Gain immediate access to online reporting that includes loan level detail, assumptions, prepay speeds, accounting reports, and more.

Custom Reporting

Need reports specific to your institution’s needs? Not an issue. We can pull reports to show the exact details your organization is looking for.

Cloud based model

There is no software to install, and no hardware required. Our cloud-enabled model is constantly and seamlessly updated and upgraded with zero infrastructure overhead for our clients.

Meet Auditor requirements

SOC Audit is performed yearly, which independently reviews and evaluates our internal processes and controls. We additionally have an independent model validation done periodically, to ensure auditor requirements are always met.

No conflict of interest

We are not brokers, meaning our only focus is to perform valuations. So, there is no conflict of interest - a competitive advantage that auditors prefer. 

Working with Level1Analytics means much more than software. Our tried and true software solutions, paired with client-specific tailored services and support, promise your banking institution the accurate and defensible market valuation solutions you need to thrive. Learn more about Level1Analytics at https://level1analytics.com/. 

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